Compliance Matters.

Articles & Publications


Aegis’ consultants have published numerous articles on the subject of captive insurance company compliance, including law journals; captive industry magazines; and taxation oriented publications. 

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Aegis’ consultants have given captive insurance company and tax presentations
at venues that include the American Bar Association; regional captive industry conferences; and law school forums. 

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About Us

Aegis is a Montana licensed master captive insurance company that offers the business community compliance focussed risk solutions through the creation of their own cell captive. 

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What is a Captive Insurance Company?

The owners of a business often can form a captive insurance company to insure certain risks of the business while retaining insurance management, eliminating underwriting fees, claiming current income tax deductions for insurance premium expense, and controlling the investment portfolio of the captive.  In general, the captive can insure risks that are otherwise difficult or expensive to cover.   

Furthermore, if the owners elect the captive to be treated under Internal Revenue Code § 831(b), the use of a captive may defer the realization of ordinary income or even re-characterize ordinary income as capital gain to the common owners of the company and captive, due to the current qualified dividend tax rate preference.  However, it is these potential tax benefits that make the IRS compliance issues so important.  Aegis seeks to keep our captives out of the grey area and clearly inside the lines of published IRS guidance and well-established case law.